Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Little Bit of Fear Keeps Me a Long Way Off

Fear it's gripping, destroying, and easy...

Many times I forgo peace and trust for the easiness of fear. You feel fear and it is very real. Trust, on the other hand, you have to fight for. You have to let go, push back all the nasty feelings, and trust everything you know to be Truth. It's in that moment that peace breaks through. You feel His arms. They have, to your surprise, been surrounding you the whole time.

When looking at the big picture, it is clear that peace is worth the small effort it takes on your part. In those moments of fear the big picture is blurred and muddy from fear's yucky deposits.

Last night, the enemy brought out the big guns. My emotions were a cascade of fear. Then it I realized I didn't have to take the abuse. The truth was written on my heart and the book was an arms length away.

I reminded Satan of these truths he thought I forgot:
Jer 29:11
John 10:10
Eph 2:10

I may be graduating in May without any direction, but my God has already planned my steps. *Proverbs 16:9* He has big plans for me, plans that were written long before I "existed".

Thank you, Lord, that you did leave me to drown in Fear, but reminded me of who You are and what that makes me.

In His Love,

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elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Oh girl, just because I'm nearly 44, doesn't mean I don't struggle with fear as well. Perhaps I mask it better at this age, as there are so many others depending on me to "keep it together." Yes, replace that fear with the TRUTH of God's Word. He's got you covered, friend, and years from now you will look back on this time with fondness, seeing the tracing of God's hands and plans all along.

Please keep me posted on your progress and where God is leading you.

Love you.