Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy One Hundredth Post!

What started as a means to keep friends and family updated on my summer as a Summer Missionary in South Georgia has grown into a community of support and encouragement for this single, twenty-something girl. I've made new friends and have found a way to stay connected to friends already made. I gained a place to share my thoughts and life with people I love.

In honor of this happy occasion, I would like to keep with routine and tell you about my life, hoping to find support and encouragement. ;) I realize it has been a while since I have been on here> So, we have some catching up to do.

I spent two weeks working as a temporary House Parent at Melba's Manor *Rock Springs Maternity Home*. That was a highlight of my life...BUT you know what I found out? I'm not designed to be a House Parent> It's not where my gifts are. That sounds like it would be pretty easy to accept. IT WASN'T. I am passionate about helping teenagers who are unwed and pregnant. The experience was amazing. I learned more in those two weeks than I have in months. My passions were ignited and my spirit was fueled. How then can I not be called to that type of job? I wrestled with this dilemma. I have so much desire, compassion, and passion for them and their struggle. I don't know why. God has yet to reveal to me my purpose on this earth. I know I love the hurting, particularly young pregnant women. Talking about Abstinence and Teen Pregnancy*everything that entails* gets my blood to pumping and my brain working overtime. I know that's no accident. God has a purpose for my passions and my abilities....I have been approached by Melba's Manor to come and work as their case manager. That sounds great, but there are circumstances that have prevented me from taking the job.

God has, however, allowed me to use my passions these past few months in other ways. I have been working along side the Crossroads Pregnancy Center intern *my old internship* to plan an Abstinence Rally. We are super excited! The process has been frustrating, but we fully believe that God has plans for this rally. We will work on it until His timing is right.

I know that God has a plan for me and it's not in the far off future. It's here right now. He has not left me alone in my confused state. In fact, I have grown in intimacy with God. It's amazing> God has been loving on me like He has never done before. I'm so aware of His presence, even when I don't feel Him or see Him working. I have learned that I need to stand in faith. My faith walk is growing, and I know it's because of His faithfulness.

I will share later some of the specific things God taught me at Melba's Manor.

In His Love,


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

A hundredth post... congratulations. One of the things I love about blogging over time is the capacity to now look back and, by reading some earlier posts in an earlier season, realize the faithfulness and hand of God in my life.

I want to tell you something, Jennifer, and maybe it will release something in you. I've spent 44 years trying to find the perfect "fit" for my vocational future. "Purpose" can be a dangerous existence... wanting to perfectly know what it is that God would have us to do, etc. A while back he freed me a bit from all of this. My purpose... your purpose, friend, is to know God, and then out of that knowing, lead others to do the same.

Pretty simplistic, radically true.

Keep to Him, and you're going to run smack dab into your "calling." Keep working it out, holding loosely to the reins of your heart, and before long, peace will be your portion and you'll be actively serving the Lord in a way you never imagined.

Thanks for keeping me updated. I think of you from time to time and say a prayer. I'm so glad that God has allowed me a small window of connection into your life. Perhaps our paths will cross one day soon. I'm heading to a retreat in Sept. in the NC mountains with the G.I.R.L. (girlfriends in real life) operation. It will be a small, intimate gathering of women, but maybe you'd like to come and be a part.

Anyway, take good care. Lots of love to you this day.


Stephanie said...

Hey Jen! Thanks for updating us -it's great to hear how God has been leading and teaching you. And congrats on your 100th post!

p.s I'm starting to blog again, let's hope I can keep it up this time! ;)

Anna said...

What a cool opportunity! And congrats on 100 posts!

Bonnie Gray said...

Congrats on your 100th a while back. ;)

I hope your summer's been great in every way.

Continue to draw close to God and enjoy as much everyday as possible, no matter how small. And that heart of yours will continue to be blessed -- and touched by God. And as you are touched, you will naturally see yourself touching others.