Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What A Girl Wants

God has been gently "hounding" me to write on a topic He has dealt with me about for most of my life. Oh fun...

I was born a romantic. I have always felt a little pathetic admitting that. The romantics are always considered the crazy ones *they can't keep their heads out of the clouds, you know*. Yes, I struggle keeping my feet on the ground and my imagination in this orbit. I even need the advise of more cynical friends at times, but I don't feel that reality is "always" beyond my reach. In fact, I learned in Psychology once that I use both sides of the brain (right= emotional, Left= logical) almost equally, leaning more left. This means that I am almost as emotional as I am logical. With age, I'm learning there is a reason to my fascination with love. My equally split brain plays a large role in that purpose.

God has taught me a lot in my singleness. Thinking ideas/issues through has never been my problem. I have always been a "thinker". In my sorting and praying through things, I have learned many lessons that run deep.

One thing I have learned is girls have four major needs. These four needs are what girls most look for from guys. However, these needs are most abundantly found in Christ. I'll share....
Girls first want to be Chosen. We desire to be "picked" or "wanted". Second, girls long to be Pursued. Knowing you are worth the effort speaks volumes. Third, girls need "genuine" Love. Can we be loved perfectly? Fourth, girls require a sense of Belonging. I call this need the "My Girl" syndrome.

These needs are perfectly natural. What is not natural is how we satisfy these needs.

I'm going to use the next few weeks to spend time in the Word and to wrap my mind around all of this. Then, I will write what I find here.


In His Name,


Anonymous said...

Yes..I agree with you on being a romantic also. The other night my niece watched 'beauty and the beast'. That's probably my favorite disney movie...The 4 things girls want is totally true. Good idea on a blog!

some call me Becky said...

I'm with you, girl... I am definitely learning what it means to really just belong to God! but also to understand that He really did make us this way, and one day He most likely will give us that man, too ;) we just have to learn what the real thing is first -- from Him