Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Love

Good morning, Friends!

Since Saturdays are chill days for most, myself included, I wanted to do a "fun" post. Yay!

My Day:

What am I listening to?

Pandora: Brooke Fraser channel, I wouldn't consider myself a Brooke Fraser junkie or anything, but I'm a recent fan. I know I'm a little behind. 

What am I reading?

With: written by Skye Jethani. This book is a recent Booksneeze book that was delivered to my door. I'm still deciding if I like or agree with what Jethani writes. I think I do on both accounts. We'll see; I'm only a few chapters in. 

Genesis. I'm journalling through the Bible. Genesis and Exodus are two of my favorite Old Testament books. So I'm excited. 

What am I eating?

Pancakes. Yes, my friends, pancakes were on the menu this morning. 

Carrot Cake?  I may or may not bake a carrot cake today. ;)

What am I wearing?

PJs. You had to see that one coming. :) Don't worry I'm about to or "fixin'" to, as we say in Georgia,   change into "real" clothes.

What am I thinking?

Scary Nonsense- I assure you. Just kidding. I'm thinking about some blog plans for the next couple of weeks and other writing goals because I'm a tad bit obsessed. 

Grace is so undeserved. That thought speaks for itself.

Your turn: What are you playin' today? thinkin? eatin? lovin?

Happy Saturday!

In His Name,


Jadyn said...

Listening: Not sure, I am at Starbucks, but it sounds relaxing.

Reading: I have many books on the go, at the moment I am mostly reading "It" by Craig Groeschel (not sure about spelling), a book about churches that have "it" and some distinctive qualities they possess.

Eating: Bagel & a latte. Yum!

Hope you have a great Saturday!

Jennifer said...

Jadyn, I'm a big fan of Starbucks! Some pretty great sounds and taste come from there. :) I haven't read "It" but that sounds like a book I would like. And Ummm a bagel and latte sounds absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing your Saturday! Hope it ends as awesome as it started! :)