Friday, February 24, 2012

Let's Play Catch Up

I talk (write here) to you guys often, but sometimes, for various reasons, details slip through the cracks.

Let's play catch up, yah?

I have a fun project in the works. It has been my baby since December of this past year. And y'all I have been working my butt off! According to the mirror this morning, not quite enough of my butt. (Sorry. There's your funny for the day) Well, my baby does indeed have a name and a purpose. So, let's get to that...

Lady Belle's~ Creating for Hope

Is the name of my soon to open new Etsy Shop. Ah get excited! It is common knowledge to Facebook and Twitter that I'm opening shop soon, but I haven't told the rest of the story. Lady Belle's will be more than simply a wreath shop, which is awesome. Our tagline is Creating for Hope because that is exactly what I want to do. The store will be supplement income for me and my mom, who is helping me, but I couldn't stop there. I can't, like I'm literally unable, to do anything without turning it into some type of ministry. It's in my DNA.

"How" is that going to work, you ask?

Each month we will select "Featured Items" to use to raise money and awareness for the predetermined ministry for that month. Ten percent of the profit of the "Featured Items" will be given to that month's ministry as a donation. The percentage will increase as we do. Along with giving the 10% donation, we will promote the ministry on our blog, twitter, and facebook fanpage.

Fun, right?

Y'all I'm so excited about this opportunity, and I'm so thankful to God for allowing me to use my passions in this way!

Please pray for me.

If you guys would like to suggest a ministry, or ten ministries, for me to contact, I'm all ears (or eyes, in this case).

In His Name,


Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh, this excites me so much! I've been thinking about opening an etsy shop as a way to raise funds for my little overseas adventure that's coming up. Please let me know how it goes!

Jennifer said...

Haha thanks, Becca! Oh that's exciting! What little overseas adventure are you going on?? I will let you know for sure.

Sarah said...

Jennifer, congratulations on the new shop! What items will you be selling? Would love to hear more about it!

Courtney said...

So, so exciting! I love this! - the girl in Uganda who I was talking about.

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Sarah! Wreaths to start with. Think flowers, yarn, colors,and fabric galore. I'll post on here when it's open. :)

Courtney, Thanks! ohhh I look that up!

Courtney said...

Great! She's my 2nd most recent blog. I really can't wait to see some more pictures of your wreaths. Did the feather one work out well?

Jennifer said...

I can't wait to check it out in like 2.5 seconds. :)...I haven't finished it yet due to the weather. I had to wait til I could spray paint it and it would dry without the weather messing it up. I have one side painted. So, well see when I get the other side done. :)