Wednesday, June 27, 2012


"Lord, help me find my identity in you" (My journal, Jan 2012)

It was a simple prayer, right? God would answer. I would find my identity in Him, and everything would be fine and dandy. I would know that, no matter the circumstance, or how insecure I felt, I belonged to Him. Finding who I am in Him would make my life easier (so I thought), it would be pleasing to God, and it would bring glory to Him. It was a genuine heart-cry. God would answer with a resounding yes.

Here I am, six months later, processing the answer. I would not have remembered the January prayer, except that I flipped back to the beginning of my journal last night. After reading only a few sentences of that post, I knew that I was right in the middle of this prayer being answered. I was living the answer.

You see, in this season, I have little that the world would say gives me identity. I don't have an successful job to give me identity. There is no man to find my identity in. No nice car to make me feel secure. Sure, there are many things in my life that are tempting places to find my identity- a great family, awesome friends, nice things, this blog. But it is evident that this place I'm in, is God ordained to teach this girl some lessons. One of those lessons being, that He is enough for all of me. My refuge, He holds who I am, which in the scheme of eternity matters little. Yet, it matters to Him because He "sees me". It's one simple, profound lesson.

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Finding our identity in Him indeed does "make life easier, pleases God, and brings Him glory", but the process is not easy. In the learning, we may question our identity in new, painful ways. It's beauty for ashes, folks.

So, ladies and gents, remember God always answer prayers ("yes", "no", "in time"), and He loves to answer your prayers of being closer to Him with a gigantic "yes". Keep your eyes open. He is working. I don't want to miss it. He changes us, He works in us, and you better believe, He answers when we call.

In His Name,


Emily said...

So much truth here, Jenn! Thanks for the reminder. The Lord has been faithfully showing me recently that He is my rock and refuge as well!

Jennifer said...

Emily! I'm so glad you are learning that lesson too! And I love "seeing" you hear!!

Modern Day Disciple said...

If you like to share from journals, link up with pour Random Journal Day! Love your authentic heart...

Jennifer said...

Oh how cool!! Thanks!

Rebecca said...

The simple words, "He sees me" really hit me. Personally, to "be seen" is a great desire, and your post is a great reminder.

Jennifer said...

Oh girl, me too- to be known, seen, and fully understood! I'm glad this was a reminder for you :)
Cause He sees you, girl!

MB@NewLifeSteward said...

It's such a blessing to be able to rest in the knowledge that God answers our prayers isn't it? I often have my clients journal this exact thing: What does Scripture say about your identity? Who are you? That is good to know because it never changes.

Mary Beth @newlifesteward

Jennifer said...

Yes indeed! Still working my way through these lessons!