Friday, August 31, 2012

Perfectly Unique: A Book Review

Oh, I wanted to get my hands on Annie Downs book, Perfectly Unique, so bad. As an avid reader of AnnieBlogs, I knew I would devour the book. Why not? I devour her posts daily. Makes sense, right? So there I was waiting patiently for the release date (September 4) when I received an email offering me a review copy. Yes, little ole me! Of course, I said, "yes, please!" And here we are. Now, let's get to it.

Annie Downs brings a mix of humor and sensitivity to the topic of ours bodies that is hard to find. She is so real your sure she's gabbing to your face versus through written words. As a fellow Georgia girl, I feel like Annie's my homie with each Georgia reference. Although, I'm sure that has more to do with Annie's writing style than our common home state. Yes, she's that good. Annie's humor is only a small part of Perfectly Unique. There is also her uncanny ability to bring deep truth with unique flare. Each chapter offers truth on different body part's purposes in the Kingdom, from our mouths to our stomachs. Suddenly I was able to look at my body through the eyes of Truth. That's a big deal for those of us who have struggled with lifelong body image issues. I think that's what makes Perfectly Unique so great: Annie is able to lead you to look at your body through the lens of Scripture to see just what part God has design our bodies to play in this life. Her readers move from hate or complacency of their bodies toward an appreciation of God's ability to use every part of us.

I loved Perfectly Unique. I'm not just saying I loved it as a nice ending to this post. I mean it. This book is my new favorite small group book for girls. Annie Downs did a wonderful job of writing a book that will, I believe, help girls who struggle with body image to offer their bodies to God for His purposes. I believe this book will be dynamic in the lives of girls everywhere. There are stories that keep the reader laughing, and concepts that encourage her to think deeply about her God-given body. Each chapter is tied up with a bow of fun and challenging questions, which rarely happens, in my humble opinion. I can not say enough good things about Perfectly Unique. So, moms get the book. Small group leaders get the book. Girls get the book. Seriously, it's an worthy investment.

Perfectly Unique will be released September 4, 2012.

Thanks DJC Communications for a free review copy of Perfectly Unique. Every word of this post is my own opinion. I was not paid for this review.


AnnieBlogs said...

Thanks so much, Jen! I am so grateful for your kind review. From one Georgia girl to another, thanks thank thanks. :) Go dawgs. :)

Jennifer said...

You are most welcome!...Go Dawgs- Whoot! Get ya game face on!

Modern Day Disciple said...

I will check out her writing on the blog! Behind in my book reading so I will hold off for now!

Jennifer said...

Hahaha I understand that! You will love her blog. :)

Rebecca said...

I am intrigued that she breaks the body down into individual parts and their purpose...I will have to add this to my every growing "to read" list :)

Jennifer said...

It's really really cool! You should definitely check it out!