Monday, November 12, 2012

Driven' Them Long Country Roads

Sunset on the Country Road
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I'm just now writing this post because, well, I haven't known exactly what to say about this new season. What seemed like an end to limbo has only been an extended limbo. While my family has found their groove, I'm still praying, Lord, don't forget me. An hour commute has me yearning for a job locally. Have I mentioned that I still work in our hometown and commute everyday? Well, I do. Though I'm grateful to have a job, but I'm ready to settle here. I know God has called me to this place on the map {if you can find it on a map *wink*}. Now that I'm here, I'm anxious to hit the ground running.

There is a burning desire in me to minister here. Oh the opportunities, y'all! And our new church family is just as excited as we are, which is super encouraging. In my flesh, I'm tempted to run ahead of the "plan".  It's a struggle to keep myself from quitting my job at "home" to be able to be here full-time. I know. I know. That would not be the responsible thing to do. I also know that God has not closed the door of where I am. He has put me there, and I want to be obedient to where He has me. As long as He still has me there, I know that His plan is for "that place". It has been the biggest mission field of my life. I've learned so much about people, and our need for God. It has stretched me in God-ordained, not so fun ways. I'm confident this next season is as God-ordained as the one I am in now because I can trust that of every day.

A blessing that has come from still being employed in my home town is the blessing of a long commute. My morning commute has become a time when I really take my life before the Lord. The long stretch of road that has frustrated me has also been life giving to me. Every morning I ask God to use me that day, but to also guide me to where He has me here. I'm honest with Him about my desires, fears, needs, and frustrations. As I drive, with a beautiful view of a country sunrise, I draw near to God and He has not failed to draw near to me in return (James 4:8). It has been incredible. I may not know where God is leading me, but I am confident He is at work behind the scenes.

There is so much about here that I love. The country roads, a loving church family, orange trees, friendly neighbors, and wide open spaces. I love that God has a plan here, even though it's a little blurry to me. Learning dependence is a piece of His bigger plan. No, the roads to take aren't clear, but the One to follow is clear. I wrote months and months leading up to this life change about following Jesus wherever He leads. Little did I know what that would mean to me today.

It means submitting to a Kingdom plan.

It means trusting in the unseen.

It means being courageous.

All of us have places in our lives that are unclear. I'm sure yours is different from mine, but I'm also sure it's as frustrating as my situation. That why we need to take notice of our perspective. We have to ask ourselves how are we viewing the season. In light of truth? As a Kingdom plan that is orchestrated by Heavenly authority for our good and for the good of His purpose? No life stage or situation happens without a stamp of approval. Bank on it.

Wednesday you guys can be praying for me, if you like. I have an interview ten minutes from here. Eek!

I'm resting in God sovereignty.


Emily said...

Just prayed for you as you prepare for the interview on Wednesday!

And I firmly believe there is no greater place than to be resting in God's sovereignty!

Stephanie said...

Jen, the season of life you are in right now is so similar to one I was in for a large part of my twenties - not in the job I wanted long term (wanted to be a wife and mom, or at least have a job I felt fit my specific passions more!), trying to wait upon the Lord and meanwhile serve my family and others around me and grow in many challenges and yet such a huge time of growth in my life that I look back on it and am so thankful. He has you where you are for His good purposes! Rest in Him and keep seeking Him each day - a surrendered, trusting heart is precious to Him. Love you!

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much, Emily! It means a lot to know that you are sincerely praying for me!...So, true. I have found rest no where else! I've looked.

Steph, I know you understand. I've seen you walk through that stage and into to this new stage starting a family. You've made the transition so gracefully! Its been awesome to watch. I'm so proud of your budding little family. Thanks for the encouragement! Love you!