Friday, June 27, 2008

Home Sweet Home

So guess what?? This lucky, or should I say blessed, girl got to go home! It's Friday night. I came yesterday and I leave tomorrow. I'm having a blast! My family I've seen this summer, but I've missed my home. However, I didn't come home to my room. My baby brother has stolen that. :) I can't complain though. We are adding on to our house and I get a new room.

Tonight we went to the movies to see Wall-E with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. The movie was good, but it lasted too long for the story line. It was funny though. The best part just hanging out with my family in the best place in the world...home.

Sunday the youth leave for Crossroads Camp. I'm pretty excited. I can't wait to see what God is going to do. Pray for us. Pray that God will speak and we will have open hearts and ears.

I'm grateful right now for the place I'm at. I've reached a place of contentment. As I spend time in God's Word and depend on Him, I'm growing more in love with Him. I'm also growing more in my hunger for God. Again, I've realized it has come by spending time reading my Bible and praying. Something supernatural happens when you pour into God's Word. You change. When I left for Chula, I knew that I would have to spend time reading the Bible and pray to survive. I knew that I would be unable to do what I was there to do without help. In doing that, I've grown. My prayer is when I get back to my "normal life", I won't depend on myself agian and lose the closeness to God I've gained. Anywho, I know my Savior and I are on a journey that is just going to "get sweeter as the days go by" hahaha. I'm happy....Fulfilled and trusting my God :)

In His Name,

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Cheryl said...

So glad yo got to go a new room!
At least you've gotten out of all the manual labor, poor Bradley!
I'll be praying next week for camp.
Love you!