Friday, July 11, 2008

Cross Roads Camp

Hey guys,

Before I go into the wonderfulness that is Crossroads, I want to tell y'all about my wonderful evening. I have spent the evening cooking and baking... Yeah ME!!!! I've had a blast just cooking for myself. Right now I'm waiting on my sweet stuff to be done. :) Then I'm going to eat and finish "Twenty-seven Dresses". Fun Times :)

Okay, Crossroads World Wide = the best camp ever!! No Joke! I think I loved it more than the youth, and believe me, they LOVED it! The speakers, Clayton King and Matt Orth plus a few, were incredible. The sermons were deep, but understandable and applicable. The workshops left you wanting more! The staff was amazing! During the week you have one off campus activity. Mine was hiking! Oh my word! It was spectacular! The camp is in North Carolina. So we were hiking in the North Carolina mountains! Beautiful! A little tough, but beautiful!

It also gave me a chance to grow closer to the youth. I feel like two months is just too short of a time to get to know people. Maybe it's my personality. All I know is the camp was a great experience. The boys in my group are awesome! I have enjoyed meeting all the people here in Chula. They work hard to make me feel welcome! Bless there little hearts! :)

My prayer is like that of a boy at camp. He volunteered to pray the last night after he earlier that week surrender to missions. Now, you have to realize he is praying in front of hundreds of teenagers and adults. Here is a line of his prayer: God, let it stick... That's my prayers for my youth...Lord let it stick!!!

Have a blessed day!!

In His Love,


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