Friday, July 11, 2008

Princes and Frogs

Is it legal in the world of blogs to post more than one blog a day? haha I hope so cause here's my second one in the past ten minutes. :)
This is such a cute song by Superchick. I had to share. :)

Princes And Frogs (Underdog Mix) lyrics

[CHORUS]All princes start as frogs and all gentlemen as dogs
Just wait till its plain to see
What we're growing up to be
Cause Some frogs will still be frogs
And Some dogs will still be dogs
Some boys could become men
Just don't kiss us 'til then.

You hate men is what you say and
I understand how you feel that way
All girls dream of a fairy tale
But what you've got's like a used car salesman
Trying to conceal what's wrong behind a smile and the song
And I'm not saying that boys are not like that
But I think you should know (you should)
That some of us will grow
Because. . . [CHORUS]

You found him is what you say
And we all want you to feel that way
But the frog you've got seems cute enough to kiss
And maybe frogs seem like that's all their is
But just because you haven't found your prince yet
Doesn't mean you're still not a princess
And what if if your prince comes riding in
While you're kissin' a frog what's he gonna think then
So look into his eyes
Are you a princess or a fly?


In His Love,


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Truth4thejourney said...

Hi Jennifer,

My daughter LOVES Superchick. I like it too and this was a song I agreed with! Great rhythm too..