Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Story of a Damsel in Distress and Her Prince

This is from my journal. I wrote it a few nights ago.

I don't need a Prince. I already have one.
Before Christ, I was the damsel in distress- bound in bondage by sin.
The King (God) looked down on me and saw my distress.
He knew how much the Prince (Jesus) loved me.
For He himself loved me as a daughter.
His son wanted me for His bride.
Upon hearing the news, the Prince decided to come to the
foreign land to rescue me from my bondage.
The rescue would require His blood.
His blood would free the princess (me).
He loved me so much He was willing.
My life meant more to Him than His own.
The moment His blood was spilled I was free.
A miracle took place and the Prince came to life.
He then had to return to His Kingdom.
However, He patiently waited for the day when
He could return to the foreign land to carry His bride
home and destroy the one who once held her captive.
His wish for His princess is
for her to live in the freedom His love gave her.
He frequently sends gifts to His beloved (blessings).
He can hardly wait to see her again.
His heart longs for her.
Along with freeing the princess, His blood opened
a line of communication between the
kingdom and the foreign land.
The prince patiently waits daily to hear
from His princess.
His is filled with such longing and compassion
for her.
Her voice persuades Him she feels the same.
How often do we wish for a fairytale life when we already have one. Married or single this story is for you. It's a true story of our Saviors love for us. I am so grateful to have a prince ,who cares so much for me, in my life. Please live in the freedom He died to give. Also, use the communication system He set up for us. He longs to hear from the bride- the one He is so eagerly waiting to take as His own.

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Cheryl said...

That is amazing, Jen!
I am so proud of you and thanks for that reminder!