Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What's next?

I'm heading into my Junior year at BPC! WOW! My question is: "What's next?". It's time to start making decisions. Crazy!

Human Services is my major (mix of sociology and psychology). I want to work in a field that meets peoples needs. I love the idea of working in a home for pregnant teens, or working in a ministry whose focus is on promoting abstinence and reaching teens spiritual needs. I love teenagers! I also love crazy ministries. I say crazy as a good thing. They are non conventional. I also love conventional ministry too. I love ministry!

I would also like to work with teens who have emotional problems caused from painful divorces. I like the idea of being involved in world wide teen conferences. Also, I've thought of working in juvenile justice. Who knows. I have a lot of plans.

My desire is to find a man who has the same heart for ministry. I have often wanted to be a pastor's wife or a youth minister's wife. I just want a man who's life is fully commit to God first, me second, and our family third. :) I want to raise my family in ministry- kids with a heart for the hurting.

Sometimes I wonder: "Will I have to choose?".

Looking at this blog I see a lot of " I want". You writers are probably cringing reading this blog. However, that's not what I'm talking about. I see the "I want"s as selfish motive. That's not what I want(again with selfishness). My desire is to follow God. As a kid, I would always pray to God not to ask me to be a missionary. hahaha. To this day, I still don't want to be a foreign missionary and I don't feel called there, at least not long term. However, If God asked me to go, I would. As you can see I have matured since I was a kid. My desires have not changed, but my prayer has. My prayer is to be equipped with the ability to say yes to whatever He asks of me! I have so many desires, so many dreams, but I know ultimately He determines my steps (Proverbs 16:9).

So many dreams, so little time, but trusting all the way,


Angela said...

You are such a sweet girl! I love your heart for ministry. I know it is hard to narrow down your mission field, but with such an open heart, I know God will help you to focus in on where your gifts will fit right in, and you will feel so fulfilled. You still have two years left in school, right? Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I love to meet my sisters in Christ. Please come by anytime and I will do the same!
Love, Angela

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

The only choice that is required of you is the one that leads to Jesus. Everything else (and I mean everything) will root in your Father's love for you. What lies in you now is seeded hope. Tend to it. Water it. Root it and till it when necessary. The harvest and bloom that awaits your obedient heart far exceeds all that you can ask for or imagine.

I promise.

Just keep walking toward him. You are well on your way, friend.


Stephanie said...

"Ultimately He determines my steps."

Amen, Jennifer! This is a truth I've really been clinging to over the past few years as I wait upon God with certain desires and dreams...His will be done. Praying that He will help you grow an even deeper faith through this "trusting time."