Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pocket Full of Sunshine?

Hey guys!

I am loving life right now. I had a marvelous Christmas! My Savior's birthday was a great one that I celebrated with my wonderful famiy!

God is teaching me so much.

I have a break from school.

I'm relaxing-

Doing things I don't normally get to do while I'm at school.

I'm watching movies.

Reading my favorite books of all time.

My time with God is so much more relaxed and intimate than it is when I'm busy (that's something I should work on).

I colored my hair.

Time and quiet helps me think (I have both...sometimes).

My lessons learned over break:

1) Take time away from business to view God how I view Him when I'm not busy.
2) Learn to relax and take time to do so when I'm busy.
3) Read more. It helps me chill.
4) Work and Play hard (both are equally important).
5) Life is great no matter what season you are in. Sometimes it's tough, but it could always be worse and there is always someone who has it worse.
6) I miss my friends at school.
7) I am so blessed with amazing teachers, friends, and family who care about me and want to see me succeed.
8) Spontaneity is a good thing.
9) Laughing is an even better thing.
10) Life is too short to take it too seriously. :)

I love my blogging friends!

In His Love,



Edie said...

Hi Jennifer! So glad you had a good Christmas. Enjoy your break, it will be over fast enough!

Love ya!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Great to hear from you again! I'm assuming your semester ended with good results. My sophomore son is home, and quite honestly, time for him to return!!! Seriously, he's been a huge delight to my heart, but with 4 kids total, each one brings his/her own mix to the group. Nick is a leader and a super big brother to the other 3. I can sense he's getting restless and ready to get back. He'll leave on Sunday.

I'll be crying then, but only briefly.

Enjoy your time remaining. As you return, keep Christ at the front of your daily walk. This past year, I've used Sarah Young's "Jesus Calling" in the mornings to jumpstart my day. It would make a perfect fit with your crazy life right now.

Regardless of all the twists and turns and green pastures of 2009, you will never walk them without Christ and his kingdom light within you. Burn brightly for him. It is your privilege to do so.

Write anytime.

PS: Love the new hair color. Loved the old. Which is the original?

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Do you facebook? Send me your name via email and we could be "friends." My son set this up for me (as if I needed one more addiction); might be a better way to keep up from time to time.