Monday, December 15, 2008

Home For Christmas

Hey guys!

I am so ready to be home for Christmas! I love school, but there isn't anything in the world like being home for Christmas. Crisp air, Christmas trees, pretty lights, manger scenes, Christmas music, and the smell of favorite Christmas foods; all this to celebrate our wonderful Savior's birth. I think there is a special sense of God's presence at Christmas time. You know how there is just something extra in the air- something full of glory and wonder. Something that makes you believe that anything can happen. This sounds so romanticized. I guess it is. I tend to be the romantic type.

Anyway, my prayer for this Christmas is that even with every materialistic thing present during this season, my heart will be focused on the real reason for celebration.

I believe God can receive glory in the way we celebrate Christmas with Christmas trees and Santa Clause, but only if we do it all to celebrate Him. Think about He has quite a party going on. Instead of a clown at his party, He has a jolly elf. His decorations are pretty lights and a beautiful Christmas tree. He gets all the family's favorite dishes to eat (who needs cake. He gets three different types of pie). People sing Him beautiful songs of His birth, fun times with family, and that ole elf with flying reindeer.

This Christmas I'm gonna through my Savior quite the party with all my friends and family present.

Thank you, God, for sending your son to come to this earth as a beautiful baby. Thank you, Jesus, for your willingness to save my life at the cost of your own. I love you!!

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