Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ahh Sunday Mornings

Coffee, Hosea, and a quiet house....

This is what my morning is looking like. My family has already left for church (They have to be there earlier than I do) and the house is quiet!! I love peace and quiet. I'm not to familiar with it since I live in a tiny dorm room with a roomie! :)

Anyway, I was drinking my coffee and reading Hosea. I'm teaching the youth tonight from Hosea. You know, a little last minute studying (recapping). It's funny how God teaches you when you teach others. I learn so much just from planning lessons.

Today I learned: I am too much like the Israelites and Gomer....too much for comfort anyway.


Have I not seen God preform?

Have I not been the one who received His mercy?

Has He ever let me down before?

Yet, I too need to be allured in the desert and have sweet things spoken to me. But that is the amazing thing about my Savior- He's just that...MY SAVIOR!

Where would I be without Him...?...............Think About It!

Wow, I learned all this before I even stepped foot in church!

*I love you, Lord!*

In His Love,

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elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I never learn more about God and his Word than when I'm required to teach about Him. I think He gives fresh insight to us when our hearts are most hungry for the teaching.

As long as we're standing in the middle of his Word, he is faithful to bring the harvest. Just teach it. You'll do great.

Thanks for your servant's heart.