Friday, February 20, 2009

Clinging to Him Because That is All I Want to Do

Guys, I'm asking for prayer. God is teaching me so much, but to be honest, it's painful. There is a situation in my life that is requiring confrontation. I'm a peace lover, hence, my problem with confrontation. The situation does not allow for me to back down. It is something that has caused a bitterness in my heart and has done nothing, but put me in bondage. What happen to freedom in Christ? I have given it up for my own bitterness and anger. I'm tired, frustrated, and bitter. These emotions are not aimed at God, but at a person in my life! I know that hurt people, hurt people. She is suffering, but I'm tired and I'm paying for a hurt I didn't cause. Yet...If Christians are not the ones who show the love of Christ to the hurting, who will? This love may cause me pain, but is that not what Jesus did. He showed love and it caused Him pain. Who am I to think that I am above suffering in the same way that my Savior suffered for me? Help! Please lift me up in prayer!


Coffee night! Coffee night is a "ministry" that my friend started in her dorm on campus. I use quotes around ministry because our goal is to not look like a ministry, but to in an average environment show the love of Christ to girls who need to see him in "real" people. It has been amazing what God is doing! It is every Thursday night from 9-11. Our first night we had three girls and no one stayed. They came in got some coffee or hot choco and left. The next consecutive weeks we had 13, 19, 14( I think). God has blessed and the girls are staying for hours just talking and hanging out. The cool thing is these girls are all so different and come from different groups on campus. God is blessing and we are thankful. Coffee night was not the first or only "ministry" like this on campus. It started with some guys starting smoothie night in their dorm. Now, we have coffee night, munchie night, smoothie night, pancake night, and coming soon: ice cream night! There is only one dorm on campus who does not have a "ministry".

There is such a change on our campus. Last year a group of us( who God had been laying on our hearts a call to pray for the revival of our campus) came together and began vigorously praying for revival. By the end of the semester we were still seeing no visible signs of a campus revived. We worked to keep up the faith. The semester following we all agreed some things we different. However, in our humanness, we didn't give too much thought to it. I, myself, gave the credit to the great new crop of freshmen who came that year (boy, was I naive). That was three semesters ago. I look at this campus now and remember everything we prayed for and I'm in awe of my God! The campus is beginning to look exactly how we prayed it would look. Yet, we sit here and have the audacity to be surprised.

BPC is becoming a more unified campus. People are coming to salvation. Our Christians are standing up! Look at the ministry opportunities the Lord has opened up and people are being changed! Hallelujah!

Keep Praying! I love you, my blogger friends!



Angela said...

Hey Jennifer!
I will be praying for your ministry! Please continue to pray that I would seek God solely as the lover of my soul and reject the lies that Satan is throwing at me! Love you! Email me anytime:

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

If God has pricked your heart toward confrontation, then your heart won't rest until it's done. In my experience, rarely has confrontation turned out the way I'd hoped. Most people just can't handle the honesty. That being said, when God has called me to it, I've never walked away with much regret. It's right and good, but it's hard and sometimes painful.

A growth point, sweet friend; and while I'm sorry for your pain, I think, perhaps, I wouldn't keep you from it. God is sharpening your life and growing you into the woman He wants you to be. That kind of shaping rarely comes without pain.

Email me anytime, but rest in knowing that I've got you covered in my prayers today.