Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hanging On For Dear Life

It's the last week of school. I'm super stressed. I need to just relax, do my best, and God do the rest. Fail. Rather...I stress, worry, and then pray *plead* it ends soon. But God has pulled me through many finals' weeks.

On a happier note, tonight me, my friend Courtney, and my Friend Amy went driving around looking at Christmas lights. We didn't find a lot of lights, but we had a great time avoiding studying.

I love college life, but I find myself tired of the unsettle life style. Yet, I refuse to wish my last semester away.

Please pray for me. I need motivation. I want to enjoy my Senior year, even though this has been a rough semester.

Hanging in there.

In His Name,



Courtney said...

I hear ya, girl. Just this week (and a bit) to accomplish. Your sentiment of wanting a bit more of a settled life rings a bit true with me too, though I don't know if "settled" is what I want. I want to be in the middle of doing things I love to do, making a bit of money doing it, having time for the unsettled adventures of life. As far as school goes, I'm expired!

My name is Cait said...

Praying for you, that you'd know peace in your circumstances. Tough stuff, good you know that God is in control.