Monday, January 18, 2010


No classes today!! yay!

I didn't have to crawl out of bed early, instead I took my time. I rolled out of my comfy spot in bed at 9:01. I had a chance to read- both my Bible and another favorite book. Then I worked-out and went to lunch. Of course, it is only a one now--the whole day is at my finger tips.

My prayer for this day is that He will be the beginning, middle, and end of it. I pray that a perfectly wonderful day is not wasted with nonsense. Though there will be tons of lazy *this is not a school day* activities, may He be the center.

Last semester was a semester that many days I wish I could redo. I was burned-out, frustrated, and never wanted to be around people. The whole experience was strange. I was not only being strangled by classes, but I also was sure my love for people was being extracted from my body. Some days I had no clue who I was anymore, or what I wanted out of life. One thing I knew, it was not frustration with people. However, all I saw when I looked at people was hypocrisy. I'm sure I failed to see my own hypocrisy, leaving me tired.

That semester is over and this one has started with a sense that the old one has passed away. I may still see hypocrisy, but I refuse to let their hypocrisy leave me jaded toward all people.

Today is the first holiday of my last semester of college. Today is a good day. Today you will find me being lazy, comfy, and centered on the One that matters.

There are troubles, worries, and frustrations....And a God who cares...

In His Name,

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Angela said...

=). love you girl. thanks for being so real. God def does care and He is doing a great work in you.