Thursday, July 28, 2011

Excuse Me?

This morning should have started like every other morning with a peaceful time of prayer and Bible study before getting ready for work. But it was different. My heart was shaded with fear, doubted, and confusion. In a season of instability, I had moved my feet from solid ground to a more shaky foundation. Instead of standing on the Truth, I was standing in fear.

I arrived at work a little on edge. My attitude dared someone to cross me.

He noticed. What's up with you? 

My response? I didn't sleep well?


Not ready nor willing to open wide my heart, I replied, "Maybe".

What have you got to be stressed about? Oh, now I was done. My head screamed, Who are you to think you know me? 

My mouth responded, against my brain's screams: Everyone has things to be stressed about at some point in their lives. 

He then list his reasons for being stressed that would outweigh any stress I have. 

Then it happened. I realized he was right. There was no reason for me to be stressed. Sure, my circumstances would dictate that I should be stressed, but I have a Hope. My Hope can hold up under this pressure. 

His list of things that cause him to stress are things that he has accumulated to make himself "happy". The material objects he owns, the things that measure the value of his life, can be taken away with one bad month on the job.  

My hope in Christ in not shaky. I can rest assured. 

I feel sorry for him. Where there was once a hard attitude, there is a soft spot to pray for this man. 

It was a beautiful realization in an ordinary day. 

In His Name,


Beth in NC said...

No matter what, I guess we can always find someone in a worse situation. I'm glad your heart was softened towards him. That can only be a good thing.

I pray you're feeling peace.


(I came over from Bonnie's. I posted about faith yesterday.)

Jennifer said...

Exactly. Thank you so much. God really gave me Grace in the situation to see things the way He does. :) I'll be checking out your blog post!

Roberta said...

Some days are easier than others when it comes to balance and harmony and to wearing our troubles on our sleeves...or on our faces ;) For me it usually revolves around my monthly cycle and my PMS...and I realize that AFTER I've I came to realize a long time ago that no one takes me as seriously as I take myself so I cut myself some slack now and then. Hope you have a great week. Fondly, Roberta

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Roberta! I think every woman understands those moments of intense reactions brought on by our sweet little friend. ;) But thankfully, we don't always have to react based on emotions. Life is easier when we don't take ourselves too seriously! Have a wonderful week, Roberta!