Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Family Affair

Family is deeper than blood. I have the most amazing "blood" family ever!>> Really I'm quite sure of it. :) But I also have other family members who have not even an ounce of my blood in their veins. One such "family" is my BPC family. The closer I get to graduation the more I appreciate this family.

***This pic is just a small group of our "family", plus two: Brenna *Caleb's Twin* on the far right and Amanda *Brian's girlfriend* the second from the left.***

Tonight we were able to celebrate the first of our many big "life" events together. This event was the Ordination of Caleb Horne. It was wonderful sitting there supporting two *him and his fiance, which is a former roomie of mine* important people in my life while they're experiencing an important moment in their lives.

This year will hold many of these big "life" events for our family:

May 15, 2010, we will walk across the stage and receive our diplomas. We will learn that families often have many miles between them. On our own, we will have new job opportunities and opportunities of ministry.

This July, we will see the first baby born into our family, little Jackson Dean Brazell. He is the son of Rhianon *a former roomie* and Ryan Brazell. Rhi and Ryan married last year and we were their wedding party. We will soon hold titles of "aunt" and "uncle".

December will bring not only Christmas, but also a marriage union between Ms. Elizabeth Brannen and Caleb Horne. Once again, a family subunit will form in our "family".

As you know, there are nine months that have been left out of this list. That's because, as of now, those months have no significant events "planned" by us. God, on the other hand, has specific events lined up for each of us every day of those nine months....

It will be hard saying "see ya later" on May 15th, but we can, in peace, knowing that "family" is family no matter where you are.

In His Name,


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Bonnie Gray said...

That is beautiful that you can find family with these special people, that mark such a meaningful time in your life, Jennifer! It doesn't always happen, I'd say.

You're blessed.

Congratulations on your hard work and perseverance. You have no idea how God will work it all out afterwards, but watching you from the sidelines, I am SO EXCITED because I know your heart is blessing our Lord. He is doing and will continue to do great things through you, blessing others and Him.