Thursday, March 25, 2010

Circle Ripples

I may have shared this before. If I have, I'll be sharing it again. :)

Today is my day off from work. **Hallelujah!** I decided to have breakfast/coffee by the lake with God. **I don't know if you have heard, but "they" say conversation is always best with coffee**Anywho, I was hanging with God and the fishes, when I was reminded of a time with God that I will ALWAYS remember.

It was about three years ago **probably**. There was this guy... **I know stories that begin this way never end well**. Honestly, it was more than my previous high school crushes. I was working hard to keep God at the center and my Father was faithfully walking with me. Things were getting more and more complicated. I was frustrated. My poor roomie at the time was the first person I saw during a breakdown. I grabbed her and told her I NEEDED to talk. We walked down to the lake **the very one I was sitting at this morning**. She spoke some truth into my life and I listened. She said she thought God was trying to get me to just "wait". **oh the "W" word**. Of course, the dramatic, impatient person that I am needed a sign. Now, I'm not saying that we should question God and demand a sign when He is leading us to do something. Sometimes, you have to walk in Faith. But that day, I needed a sign. Here is what I said, "I wish He would just give me a sign, not just any sign, something like ripples." Rhiannon's response, "Jennifer, there are ripples all over this lake." There were ripples, but not the ripples I was looking for. "Not wind blown ripples. I'm talkin circle ripples." It wasn't two seconds later before we heard this HUGE splash and looked and there were a zillion ** I exaggerate sometimes** circle ripples. You would have thought we had won a trip to the Bahamas. We were laughing and squealing...

This morning something came to the surface of the lake and there were circle ripples. I was reminded to wait. I thought of how Noah must have felt every time he saw a rainbow.....I have learned a lot about waiting since that incident. Waiting is not as frustrating as it used to be. I really don't mind. With every year, I see myself growing closer to God. If He says "wait", I wait!


some call me Becky said...

Jennifer, I <3 you. I'm glad you're my friend.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

You can be sure that on the other side of that "wait" is something that far exceeds your current thinking. God hasn't forgotten you. In fact, I think some of the best "work" we will ever do with our Father are the times when we're challenged to lean in and listen closer.

Keep leaning and listening.


Christy said...

I am in a season of Wait. I was fearful of a season of like this. But now that I am in's an interesting experience but not one to fear. It's a learning and listening experience and an experience in where I am depending solely on Him.

Wait is not such a bad word to me anymore. Who knew? :o)