Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This is the Song that Never Ends...

It's been a while. As I sit here blogging, I am mindful that there are other things I should be doing. This guilt is one of the reasons I haven't blogged lately. But there is an even bigger reason for my absence. I'm tired of writting about graduation. That seems to be the goal my life revolves arounds these days. Soon there will be other things.

The theme of my spiritual life is trust. HA! *A side effect of the coming graduation* Go figure...I've become antsy about what comes next in my life. I guess that tends to go with graduating from college. Today I was thinking about this dilemna. I recite, "In his heart a man plans his paths, but the Lord determines his steps" *Proverbs 16:9*. Do I believe it? If I believed it was true, then why would I worry or stress about the decisions I make. I "plan". He "Determines". Hmmm seems like His job is a bigger deal than mine. My heart is open to Him and I plan. He then determines the steps I take, assuring they fall in line with His will.

SO this girl is keeping her heart wide open to His voice, making some plans, and trusting He will determine her steps.

Keeping praying.

In His Name,


Anonymous said...

yeah..I think we all have been stressing/worrying about this. It's useless really to worry. I'd like to remember that it's his ideas/not mine, that are most important. His plans that we shouldn't worry about.
I guess it's when the 'one day at a time' thing really kicks in. Just to get through these last few weeks..then things will fall in place. Keep trusting thats all we can do :)

1eyedjak said...

hmm good job bringing out the proverbs, this is a verse i certainly need to put to memory... and use. thanks for sharing jen