Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Run Down on Life

Here it goes, quickly, I'm tired.

Things are crazy here. I don't blog nearly enough, even though I think about it almost everyday. As I am sitting down at my desk *Praise God for a job*, I think about all the awesome blog post I could write> What I most want to share> What I am learning> The crazy things said in a car dealership. Okay, you get the picture. My mind is full of five I have lost all motivation. lol

Anywho, my life is work and Momentum these days. I'm loving it. I am finally able to do something I am passionate about. :) God has been working in some really awesome ways with this really exciting event. I have been given the priviledge of working with a pretty amazing team of ladies *we are still waiting for some sirs to join our team* to plan an abstinence youth rally. Go to http://momentum2011@blospot.comwhere I write all our updates. :)

I am so humbled by the things God is doing with Momentum: What Moves us Forward (Momentum for short). God has allowed passions He placed in my heart long ago to come to fruition. I'm so excited.

To Him by the Glory!

In His Love,


some call me Becky said...

you're so encouraging. I love you.

you know what? I'm learning that sometimes, when you think God wants you to serve Him with your life, He doesn't mean getting a job in a church. sometimes you have to get a plain old boring job so you can afford to have time for the cool stuff ;) and You get to serve Him with both! pretty sweet, eh? I'm so good you're getting to do what He made you love to do!

Jeff said...

Hi, I just wanted to say you are a great writer. Some of the things you say make it seem as if you are middle aged. I have read some of your posts and they are all encouraging and fun. I hope I get time to read more. congradulations on the job and have an awesome holiday.