Thursday, March 31, 2011

Whitespace? Yes Please!

Windows down, radio blaring a rhythmic tune, and this girl is breathing in deep...

The breeze carries that smell.

The sweet smell that causes tensions to release. I began to relax; I have found my whitespace.

Prayers roll off my tongue without hesitation.

I'm in Awe.

My feet hit the sand, while waves roll in. They have reached their destination just to be pulled back out with His powerful hand.

I feel His power in the wind that has caught my hair.

I know Him, but He never feels as close as when we meet here.

My burdens tumble at His feet effortlessly. Stress, fear, and anger all fall away....

I'm completely surrendered. No arguments. I'm ready. My "no" has turned to "yes". I no longer cry, "I don't know, Lord.", but rather I say, "With you, Lord, I'd go anywhere".

My heart worships without distraction.

What is it about this place that leaves my flesh powerless?

Do you have a place were you feel closest to our God?



Kristine said...

I love how you describe what it means to find that "white space" with God.

some call me Becky said...

yes! In the mountains, or even just looking at them -- literal ones, not the "spiritual mountaintops" people talk about. But it's the exact same thing you described about the beach. Exactly the same. I love our personal, always the same, always with us God :)

Sheryl said...

I'm so with you about the beach! There's just something about it that makes me able to focus on God so much more easily---to just enjoy his presence. Sadly, living in a landlocked state precludes enjoying the beach often. My big comfy chair suffices till I can get to the shore.

Jennifer said...

Kristine, thanks!

Becca, It is amazing! I think everyone has a place like that! Love it!

Sheryl, you are so right. It's a focus place! ...The beach is a little ways from this girl too, but that doesn't hinder me from LOVING it! :)

Miriam said...

I loved this!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Miriam