Thursday, June 16, 2011


Ladies and Gents, I am taking a small  blogging break. I know what you are thinking: "ummm, Jennifer, it's been three days already". Still, my mind has been on blogging. Everyday I get on here, but each time I open a new post, I have writter's block. My brain can be swirling with blog post ideas until I sit down to write. That's why I need a break. Just til Monday, I am going to vacay from blogging- no brainstorming or writting. My brain needs rest and to be filled with more of the Word.

I'm praying about a name and url change to the blog. It's been three years since I was a "summer missionary". It's so funny how this little blog started as a way to keep family updated on my summer as a "youth worker" through Summer Missions. I slowed down writting after that summer, but I never really stopped. Now, this blog means more to me than it was ever intended to. My prayer is that, in some big or small way, God encourages and challenges your heart from the things He is doing in this girl's heart.

Until Monday- In His Name,

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