Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Book Review: Canary Island Song

If you know me or have read my book review here, you know I love Robin Jones Gunn. You may also remember that my love affair with her books began when I was thirteen years old. A few, wonderful "God-lovers" introduced me to the Christy Miller Series at a time in my life when I had the distinct choice to follow God or the alternative. The books opened my eyes to what a relationship with God looks like, while God was placing "God-lovers" of my own in my life. Well, I made my choice to follow God, and I thank Him for using Robin Jones Gunn to change our relationship.

A Book Review: Canary Island Song

Carolyn, at the end of her wits, decides the time has come to escape to the Canaries to spend time with her mom at the suggestion from her daughter, Tiki,  to "get a life". She hopes to able to forget the problems of her life, but God had other plans. Carolyn realizes the Canaries will only add more chaos to her life, when she runs in to a tall, dark, and handsome stranger from her past, Bryan Spencer. Thinking he had lost his chance at mending his relationship with Carolyn, Bryan Spencer, also known as Todd Spencer's dad from the Christy Miller Series, is surprised when she returns to the Island. In the rich culture of the Canaries, Carolyn finally learns to forgive. Canary Island Song reminds its readers that with forgiveness comes healing and redemption.

My hopes for Canary Island Song were high for a couple of reasons. One reason being, I love the way Gunn writes. The second being, I knew there would be truths that I would gain from the story. My hopes were not dashed after reading Canary Island Song. Although,  I could not relate to the season of life Carolyn was in throughout the book because she is much older, I could relate to her feelings of needing to forgive and move forward. Everyone has someone that have forgiven or that they should forgive. Carolyn also needed to separate herself from her "life" for a while to figure things out, and I think we can all relate to that as well. Without any spoilers, I will say that the storyline was creative and entertaining. From the beginning to the end, you are cheering for Carolyn to grieve, to forgive, and to move forward in the life that God had been preparing for her. It was an added bonus to read about Bryan Spencer's life after the Todd and Chris: The College Years.

If you have never read a book written by Robin Jones Gunn, you are missing out. She is a phenomenal writer. Biblical Truths are woven through each chapter. It's easy to forget that the lessons you read and learn are not experiences from you own life. You can take my word for it, Canary Island Song is a great read.

I received Canary Island Song for free for this blog from Howard Books.

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