Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekends Are for Making Memories

*Disclaimer: If  you are not a fan of sentimental picture post, you might prefer to skip this one.

This past weekend, I spent time in a town that is very special to me- the place where my college is located. Friends were in town from Texas with there one year old son, Jackson. The last time I had seen Jackson he was four months old. I also visited friends who live in the area. My thoughts were hit with many amazing memories.

Here is a tour of my weekend:

The ride to my home away from home, even the drive reminded me of great times in my life. There were many drives between home and school spent praying- prayers asking direction, pleading dreams, and voicing fears. 

The Birthday Boy- sweet Jackson Dean!

Our first picture since the one we took the day after he was born

The Gazebo on my college campus where I spent many mornings with God over coffee and a muffin

The inside of the Gazebo

In the Gazebo with my sweet friend and past roomie, Amy

The weekend was full of more friends and memories I would love to share, but I do not have pictures of every moment. I'm proud to say some parts of the trip where better lived than documented.

In His Name,


Miriam said...

Awww Jen! So sweet!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Miriam! I need to see you soon! :)