Friday, July 1, 2011

My Little Nine Year Old Heart

On my ninth birthday my Aunt Tammy gave me my first journal. I loved the idea of owning a journal. You know, movies and books made journal(ling) seem so ro-man-tic. Even the library had a book about Minnie Mouse and her journal. Need I say more? That book played a significant role in my dreams of journal(ling)- I checked it out a few times- I realize this confession may put in me in the "lame kids" club. Good thing I can handle that kind of pressure. ;) As a segment of this confession, I must admit I did not journal that much as a nine year old. The dream of journal(ling) was better than the reality.

Wow, how things have changed.

Last night, I pulled out the old Lisa Frank journal *if you are a child of the nineties or have children of the nineties you know Lisa*. Oh Lisa! with all her bright colors, animals, and strange looking girls. I know you are dying to know which classic Lisa Frank scene decorates my journal. Polars Bears- Oh yes! Enough rambling about dear, ole Lisa. As I was reading the thoughts from my nine year old brain, I couldn't help but laugh out loud. The first page had questions such as, "Favorite color?". Of course, I answered Blue. Even at the age of nine I knew good color.
My two favorite questions/answers were,

1) Favorite Pastime?- "4-4:30" *Almost wet my pants with this one!*
2) Life Goal?- "Marrie a Christian man" * You can see I have changed so much since my ninth birthday!*

Along with the silly questions and my crazy answers, there was a journal entry about my dog having a puppy that died. That was my dramatic entry. My comical entry was the story about the swing falling with  the cousins.  See, my writing was already taking form.

Okay, I'm done.

Please ignore the silliness of this post. It is simply an invitation to laugh at my sweet, little nine year old heart! Do not feel that you somehow missed the important message. It's purely entertainment. If not yours, then mine. ;)

In His Name,


Amy said...

Oh I miss you and am glad your blogging (the pastime now is 8:44pm). I feel like I'm learning more about you, since we've dormed together.
I too have a diary with crazy 13-year-old entries that are to embarrasing to post on here. Keep posting those fun memories..

Jennifer said...

I miss you too!! (haha it's 8:38 now) lol. I know what you mean. Sometimes Blogging tells a lot more about a person's heart than conversations...I just want them to be burned when I die. ;)

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness, this post made me laugh! I too started my first journal at the age of 9 (and my fav colour was blue!) and it is sooo comical to go back and read some entries! I had this whole entry about a bouncy ball that I bought at the dollar store and others about my special love for horses....what I ate for jerk older brother that always got more dessert if there was only one piece left. Oh, good times of childhood!

Jennifer said...

haha I'm glad you can relate, Steph! That's awesome that we both started journaling at nine and shared the favorite color blue! Great minds think a like. :)Stephanie, your childhood memories are as silly and wonderful as mine! :)