Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Attitude Funk

My attitude has been a little out of whack with customers at work for the past couple of weeks. Obviously, that's not a good thing, but let me tell you what's been bothering me.

Our demanding, self-righteous natures.

I know: "Woah Jen, don't hold back". Listen, I'm talking to myself. I've happen to see it in other people, which has only pointed accusations at the "one and only" Jennifer Adams . The accusations may sting, but only with the somewhat welcomed jab of conviction.

Why do we feel entitled to get our way? Example: A customer calls. I answer in my most pleasant voice (wink. Honestly, a pet peeve of my is unprofessional phone manners at work). The customer tells me who they would like to speak with. I put them on hold and page the person they need. Say for the sake of this example, the "person" can't come to the phone. Did you know this angers most customers? Why? Because they can't speak with whom they want to speak when they want to speak to them. Seriously?

This scenario has happen to me far too often, which made me think, "how many times do I have the same arrogant, self-righteous attitude?". 

Am I self-righteous in my relationship with God, family, friends, colleagues, or even, strangers? If I answered honestly, I would have to say yes. Ugh!

Even as much as I hate talking to customers with entitlement issues, it's good because it makes me examine my own heart and repent for my problems with feeling entitled.

That being said, I guess tomorrow I need to pray for grace to see customers the way God sees me.

In His Name,

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