Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pray for This Woman!

Hopefully Emily ***, aka sweetface, won't hate me for this.

A sweet, wonderful friend of mine is serving God in Ireland this summer. It has been so incredible to see how God has worked in her life the past weeks she has been there. Emily, like millions of missionaries, need our prayers. As her friend, I know she will not mind any prayers prayed before the throne on her behalf or on the behalf of the people she meets. That being said, please visit her blog here!

The need to be praying and encouraging missionaries has been on my heart recently. It's not enough to "send" missionaries out. We need to intercede for them and encourage them intentionally.

The End.

In His Name,


Emily said...


Thank you for being so wonderful and asking people to pray for me. This means so much and I know the ones I serve alongside appreciate it as well.

If only we all grasped the reality of God's movement in prayer--if only I grasped this as well. Do we trust His word?

Your blog is always real and encouraging. I love reading your thoughts and raw reactions to life's situations. I'm totally relating to your "self-righteous" people post. Oh girl, we can chat about that in the near future.

Many thanks again and again.

Walk-n-talk-dinner-and-a-dessert night coming your way in August!

Emily :)

Jennifer said...

Sweetface! I love you too, for sure! I think about you guys and your "mission" all the time! It's my priviledge to pray for ya!

If we truly grasped what God does through prayer, the world would be turned upside down with believers praying.

Emily, you are too sweet. I love reading your blog too. It's always challenging and encouraging! :)...umm girl, I need a good chat with you!!

YAY!! I'll bring my tennis shoes, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes. ;)