Tuesday, July 12, 2011

PrayerWalking: A Book Review

PrayerWalking: A Book Review

Have you ever felt like you prayer life was lacking commitment and zeal? Most people do during certain seasons of there spiritual lives, people like Janet Holm McHenry. McHenry, author of PrayerWalk, was at a point in her life where she felt like she was dragging spiritually and physically. At the end of her ropes and tired of failing at being disciplined, McHenry settled her mind on rising an hour early every morning to prayerwalk unaware of the changes in her body and spirit that were to follow. 

Her focus in the beginning of her prayerwalking program was her family. As she continued to walk day after day, both her physical and spiritual eyes were open to the needs in her small community. Her prayers grew to include strongholds of drug and alcohol in her community, people she met on the roads, local schools, public figures, and more. With each chapter in PrayerWalk, it is evident that her prayers have developed depth. She tells of her experiences negative and positive, from fear of the dark roads to a new level of intimacy with God. When PrayerWalk concludes, the reader has been educated about necessary information to help them make prayerwalking a daily part of their lives. 

I would recommend McHenry's PrayerWalk for anyone who wants to develop his prayer life and the health of his body. There were chapters of the book that I found boring, only because walking has been a part of my exercise routine for years. The sections focused on healthy walking was a little below my level, but it would be necessary for some readers. It was the second half of the book that discussed the Spiritual rewards from prayerwalking, which was a wonderful read. Along with truth and encouragement, the personal stories sprinkled throughout the book added a lot of character to the book. As a whole, I would suggest reading PrayerWalk. It will challenge and encourage any reader. 

*I was given a free copy of Janet Holm McHenry's PrayerWalk by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. 

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