Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Guess What?

Remember when I had the bright idea to start a series? You know, Photog Fridays? Yep, only one post came from that awesome idea. A lack of camera carrying through the week caused Photog Fridays to fail. Although Photog Fridays turned into one Photog "Friday", I hope to one day soon publish another Photog Fridays post...I'm rambling. Sorry.

I'm starting a {another}Series! *Excited Face*


After much thought, the idea to spotlight ministries is becoming a reality. Once month a Ministry will be featured here in the Illuminate series.

September 1st, this Thursday, will be my first Illuminate post. Get excited!

No, I will not tell you who is being featured. It's a surprise. ;)

See you here on Thursday?

In His Name,

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