Thursday, March 17, 2011

Photog Fridays: It's Called A Week In The Life

Guess what, guys? I'm starting a series. Oh yes I am! :)

Photog Fridays

My aim is to, every Friday, give you a glimpse into my week> not necessarily the big things, but the small wonders. So here it goes! Week 1 :)

A View from One of My Favorite Spots: The Swing

Candles. Need I Say More? ;)

My New Witnessing Tool: Verse on a Cup. Cool, huh? ;)
Family Life Radio. It Seriously Brightens My Mornings. <3>

It Pays to Get to Work Early. :)

A Little Sun Time. <3


Anonymous said...

love this idea!!! (might have to try it too :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks! You definitely should. :)

Amy said...

I miss your lamp in the second picture..other wise this is great. keep it up :)