Tuesday, September 13, 2011

(in)RL- Get Excited!

Do you follow (in)courage? If you don't, you should.They are a group of thirty wonderful women who pour out their heart for God here.

That being said, (in)courage has announced a new conference, (in)RL.

Get excited!...cause I'm hosting a meetup in Milledgeville, Ga. Yay! To click here to register and to learn more. Registration is $10, which pays for your t-shirt. No worries, registration is not required for you to attend, but it gets you a t-shirt. If you want to register, but you can't afford the registration fee, there are sponsorships. Love Sponsors! Click here to register (last day you can register for sponsorship is December 31, 2011) .

Want to join me in Milledgeville? Please! :) You can find me right here! Not in my area? Sad. But Ay Okay (Click here to find a meetup in your area)

I'm beyond thrilled! Check this out:

Aren't you excited?

In His Name,

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