Saturday, October 1, 2011

Illuminate: Freedom Firm

Illuminate is a new series where I will "illuminate" for you guys ministries that I believe you will benefit from knowing more about. Please be in prayer for the ministries featured. If you realize there is an additional way you can help, feel free to do just that.

Freedom Firm offers Rescue, Restoration, and Justice for girls who are victims of sex trafficking. Their ministry involves working along side police in Maharashtra and Karnataka, India to raid brothels, release minors and arrest the men. The girls are then placed in aftercare to help them heal and learn independence (here).

Video from Freedom Firm's website

Who We Are: Freedom Firm is dedicated to seeing girls released and restored from the evil of sex trafficking. Their goals are noble, and their achievements are praiseworthy. Faith in the God is the influencing factor in the work they do.(Click the Who We Are link to learn more)

The Need: The need is greater than I realized (500,000 minors in India). Sex Trafficking can be found all of the world.The US of A is not above the problem. Picture young women in your life; imagine someone you love being sold into slavery to be abused by sick men. We have to do something. (Click the link above for more information on the needs)

Rescue: Raids are planned with intricate detail. It's a dangerous mission, but the rescue of a minor girl is the worth the risk for the freedom fighters. (Click the Rescue link for details)

Restoration: Girls are given a chance through Freedom Firm. Once a minor is rescued, she is placed in an aftercare home where she is counseled, trained, and healed. (Click the link to read more. You can also find stories under the Stories tab on the home page. Click here for information on how they use Horse Therapy)

Justice: The rescue of girls does not end the fight against sex trafficking. Laws have to be put into place to make sure minors are protected. Freedom Firm's lawyers are in the business of making that happen. (Click the link to check them out)

Get Involved: They need us. Our prayers, our hands, and our feet are an asset to their freedom. You can subscribe to receive updates on rescues and rescue attempts. It's a great way to know how to pray for the team. (Click Get Involved to learn how you can help and subscribe)

Please visit Freedom Firm to find resources, more information, and ways to contact the ministry. As always, I'm asking that you pray. Pray for the team, the young girls who are victimized daily, and for justice to prevail.

You guys are the best!

In His Name,


Jadyn said...

What important work they do. I just prayed for their work - thanks for sharing the work of this ministry Jen.

Jennifer said...

Thank YOU, Jadyn! :)