Monday, October 31, 2011

Jesus, Take my Lunch

What would happen if we willing handed our lunch to Jesus? Would He feed the multitude?

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Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many? John 6:9

Have you ever thought about the little boy with the sack lunch that Jesus used to feed 5,000?

- How old was he?
- Was he a follower of Jesus, or was he simply intrigued by the size of the crowd?
- Did he believe His small lunch could feed thousands?
- Did he hesitant to hand his meal over?
- Was he near Jesus and the disciples when they begin discussing their food options? That was a big crowd for a boy to get lost in.

The answers aren't important or they would be in the Word. However, we miss out when we look over the boy. Jesus used his lunch to feed thousands! I like to picture the story this way: Here is a boy, a tween, joining a crowd of 5,000+ to hear the life-giving words of Jesus Christ. He has a small lunch, which begs the question, "why is he the only one with a lunch out of so many people?" They need his lunch. He believes, but there's a hint of doubt as he hands over his precious food. His two fishes and five barley loaves, a lunch for him, could it be enough? His mouth hung open with amazement as his small lunch continued to multiply in the hands of Jesus.

What can Jesus do with your lunch? Could He satisfy the multitudes? Most certainly. The question is will you give "it" to Him?

It's the question of the day.
In His Name,


Stephanie said...

I love how you use this story to point out that whatever little thing we have, when given to Jesus, can be used for great blessing. A natural "thinker", I am often analyzing my situations and possessions and deciding exactly how (or how not) God may use them. Thanks for the reminder that God knows so much better than we do and we only need to trust and offer what we have with willing hands.

Jennifer said...

Steph, you have "I-think-too-much" syndrome too? Yay, I'm not alone...I'm thankful too, girl, that He takes even smallest offerings!