Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's a Good Thing I Love Roller Coasters

Big steps of faith are in my future.

Roller Coaster
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Up up up- holding your breath and hanging on with a power grip, you are scared. The ride reaches the top of the hill. Next is your free fall. Even those of us who thrive off a good ole roller coaster, have moments, no matter how slight, of fear when we realize we are about to free fall.

I, for one, love roller coasters. Really, there is nothing more fun than when the adrenaline is pumping through your veins, as you reach the peak of a hill. One time I was riding a double loop roller coaster that took each loop frontwards and backwards. Even though I was always a little scared, it was a favorite. As we were being pulled up backwards waiting for our face forward drop, my strap popped up. *Pause* Let me explain before you wonder why I'm not dead. It was a strap that pulls down and locks according to your size. Apparently, my strap thought my weight increased, just like that, and popped up so I could, you know, breath. Only I was fine to begin with. Once the strap adjusted, I had too much room. Y'all, I have never gripped a ride so hard in my entire life.

Do we not have moments like that in our faith walks? It's fun until something happens that sends a wave of fear over us. I was ready for the ride. My faith was intact, and I was excited. I would not have risked my life, if I didn't have faith that the ride was safe.  Then my faith was tested. Would I continue the ride? I was two seconds from a free fall. What could I do but have faith? I was already on the roller coaster.

There are people who never take the step to get on the ride. In their eyes the reward is not worth the risk. Fear swallows their faith. When faith has all but died in fear's wake, we have an opportunity to step out from under fear and choose faith. God ask us to trust Him, to come aboard in faith, confident that the ride is in His hands. It is one thing to know the requirements of the journey. It's a completely different thing to meet them. Faith is essential to our steps. I recognize it with my head. Are my feet willing to follow?

No, I'm not telling you to stay on a ride that may be dangerous. I am saying have faith in our God who ordains each free fall. Trust Him to handle the technicalities. Hang on and enjoy the ride!

God is working some neat things in my life, but they require big faith. I'm tempted to hide and pretend I never felt the nudge. That would be the easy route. Pray for me as I pray for direction and take the hard steps if necessary. I don't want to live my life with weak faith.

Whether you are a roller coaster junkie or you prefer your feet on the ground, I hope you find the courage to walk in faith!!


In His Name,


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

"It is one thing to know the requirements of the journey. It's a completely different thing to meet them."

This statement resonates with my recent cancer walk. On the front side of faith's testing, it's easy to make bold proclamations of faith. But when faith's testing is our portion, well that's when we hold on tightly to the truth that we know, believing that God is going to safely land us home.

Great thoughts, Jennifer. Would love an update on your whereabouts as time allows.


Lisa notes... said...

Hmmm...I think you're on to something here, Jennifer. "The reward is not worth the risk"...perhaps that's what holds me back sometimes? I don't think the outcome is worth what my input. And I'm discounting what God could do in between.

Love this. Thanks for the insight!

I haven't ridden a roller coaster in years, but I remember that feeling of wondering if the harnesses were too tight. Or too loose. Either way was scary. Glad you survived it! :-)

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

I hate roller coasters..I like to be in control which is one of the things that makes it hard for me to just say yes to God. Great post!!

BARBIE said...

Oh wow, what a gripping and real story of faith! I am not sure I would ever get on another roller coaster. But then again, isn't that the key? To never give up? Thanks for sharing your story. BTW, I stopped over from Faith Jam!

Shanda said...

Life with God is definitely and adventure and can be a thrill ride. Personally, roller coasters scare me too much to enjoy them! But I love God adventure!

Jennifer said...

Elaine, the strength that you have had through you battle with cancer has been so encouraging. I know your faith was tested, but you stood by the word. I'm so grateful for your example!

We do need a little updating time! I'll message you on fb soon. :)

Lisa, I love this, "And I'm discounting what God could do in the between." Me too! Thanks, Lisa!

Melissa, I understand. I'm a control maniac when it comes to my life. Of course, that is an obstacle in my life. But the adrenaline rush is what keeps me riding roller coasters. :)

Haha thanks, Barbie. Somewhere along the way I decided it was worth it to get back on. For better or worse, I put my faith in the roller coasters. Thanks for being here!

Shanda, yes it is! The ride is scary and exciting at the same time. You need to ride a roller coaster with me. I'll change your mind! ;)

~Brenda said...

It's kind of funny. I can hardly ride in a car without getting sick. So I am one that prefers my feet on the ground.

But ... not so much in the spiritual realm. I get antsy if I'm not on a bit of a roller coaster ride. Because it's those moments that I grow the most.

Thanks for sharing this. Interesting analogy. :)

Caroline said...

What a powerful sentence: "When faith has all but died in fear's wake, we have an opportunity to step out from under fear and choose faith."

Challenging thoughts today, Jennifer.

Jennifer said...

Brenda, that is funny because I'm the opposite. I love having my feet off the ground literally, but spiritually I prefer "security". Love it!

Thank you, Caroline! It's a challenge for me. :)

Courtney said...

"What could I do but have faith? I was already on the roller coaster."

Dang, guh! That resonates deeply into my soul today.

I've had moments where I was so angry with God lately and then I saw the complete futility of it. I was mad at Him that He was the only thing to hold on to, the only One to turn to - that He made it that way and ordained it that there would be no other hope but Him.

In truth, if we really think about it, it's nothing to have faith in Him. It only makes sense. Why? Because His track record is perfect. The essence of His being is complete faithfulness. So having faith in Someone who's never failed being faithful just makes sense. Anything else is sheer stupidity. But dang! Have I been stupid!

Jennifer said...

Courtney, your honesty makes me just want to hug you- I love that about you!

I struggle with putting my trust and faith in Him too. It's like trusting Him to save my soul is easy because I know Him. I know that's what He gives. But trusting the details to God is harder for me. I guess that's why it's "Faith".

It's my own fault- He's definitely trustworthy. Thanks, Court!