Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Day I Related With A Dog

Yep, I said dog.

Maybe I should actually tell you what I'm talking about.

Story time

Yesterday I was in the Walmart parking lot when I saw this lady trying to get her dog out of the car. I emphasize trying because the poor woman was making very little progress. This dog refused to get out of the car. She was finally able to maneuver the dog until he was out of the backseat. The dog may have been out of the car butt he was sitting up against the car as close as he could get. The lady was persistent. She kept working with the dog until she had convinced (by dragging) the dog to move away from the car.  The poor dog was terrified- it just stood there with it's tail between it's legs. Pitiful. I heard the lady say to someone that the dog had been abandoned beside a highway when it's was a puppy, and that that is why it did not like loud sounds. As soon as the lady opened the car door, the dog leaped into the backseat.

Light bulb moment. Hello, that's me. That poor pup has a comfort zone, aka the car. With dragging and prodding (force) it can be convinced to leave its comfort zone, but don't you dare expect it to be useful. Nope, he will stand right there with his tail between his legs and head hung in fear. He will wait and wait for that door to his comfort zone to open back up. As soon as the opportunity comes for him to crawl back into his space, he will do just that. You know what has convinced him to fear the outside? His past. His belief system says noise is bad, and different places are scary.

FYI there is a huge arrow above my head right now.

Can you relate?
I don't like change. No, ma'am or sir. Yet, the places He calls us many times have nothing to do with our comfort. That's not a bad thing. It's scary, sure, but He works all things for our good (Romans 8:28) and His plans have been set in motion since you were created (Eph 2:10).

Oh the things you learn from a dog. Random.

In His Name,

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