Thursday, March 1, 2012

Trust me- I Know What I'm Talking About


Trust With Eyes Unopened
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Trust is that little word that stirs feelings of comfort in some of our hearts and feelings of dread in others' hearts. More often than not, I think trust is something that simply requires going through the motions.

You trust.

You doubt.

You trust.

You doubt.

Until one day trusting doesn't seem as hard as it once did. Suddenly it comes naturally. Only what seems to happen suddenly actually happens through weeks, months, or years of someone proving that they are trustworthy. Think about the people in your life that you trust. How did you get to a place of trust in those relationships? Time spent with each other taking baby steps to trust, right? That's how it works. Trust is earned when someone proves they're worth trusting.

I have several friends that I trust with pieces of my heart; however,  two friends in particular come to mind when I think about those I trust.  We have spent years building trust. Trust didn't develop overnight in our relationships. It took time hanging out with each other to find that my heart was safe with each of them. At this stage in my relationship with each one, there is a solid bond of trust. I trust them, not easily done without trust first being earned.

Why, then, do we expect trust in God to happen over night?

Sure, we know from His word that He is trustworthy. We can bank on that from the beginning, but as we know, life shakes us up at times. When we've taken time to spend experiencing His trustworthiness, that bond of trust solidifies. There is an anchor we can depend on not to let us drift in our problems without hope.

How do we know?

1) Read His word. There are stories galore, promises a ton, that tell of His faithfulness.

2) Pray to Him.

3) Remember prayers answered and thank Him.

4) Get to know who He is- His character can stand alone.

I can't say it enough: trust is built when time is spent proving the faithfulness is there.

In an effort to experience this in my own life, I'm taking a week long blogging break. My goal is to focus on reading the Word at that time that I would normally be blogging. I'm in need of a little perspective in my relationship with God, and in my blogging. I know that He is trustworthy because the Word says He is, but as I've said, trust is earned when it's proven. I need to remember.

I'll miss you guys. No worries, I'll be commenting here, but no posts. See ya in a week!

In His Name,


Alecia said...

It's so true, you have to be in relationship with Him and walk through a few trials with Him to know just how faithful He is.

Enjoy your blogging break! Hope you get refreshed.


Rebecca said...

So encouraging! I've learned this lesson so many times before, but I feel like it's starting to stick now -- at least I hope so!

Jennifer said...

Alecia, Amen, sista-friend! It takes me a while to learn. I'm stubborn. :) Thank you so much!

Becca, I'm the same way. I think the reason it takes so long is because I fix my eyes on situations and not Jesus. Then I remember to look at Him, until the next time. I'm tired of the cycle. I just want to trust. Praying we learn as we get closer to Him!

Jeri Taira said...

It stands out here that trust is built. Your words take the pressure of of rushing this beautiful process. It takes time and will be beautiful.

Yay for your trustworthy friends.

Woohoo for your time off. I've prayed for your time already ;-)

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Jeri! And thanks for being a friend I can trust to pray for me and to be constant encouragement to me! :)

Laura Rath said...

Hi Jennifer, stopping over from Faith Barista.
I try also to remember that God works in His own time. So, if I don't see answers as soon as I'd like, it doesn't mean I can't trust Him. It might just not be time yet. Great post!

Jennifer said...

Laura, that is such a great point. He is trustworthy, even when His timetable is not what we would choose. Thanks for stopping by!!