Monday, October 8, 2012

Breath Deep and Carry On

God is good. Yes and Amen. He is good, and this girl is tired.

It has been a full couple of weeks. Saturday marked week one that we have lived in our new home and town. The newness of it all is very exciting. There are new people to meet, new places to visit, and new ministry opportunities to seize. I'm super excited. God has steadily lead me here, and I know that His plans will always surpass my own plans.

Our new church is hungry to minister. I can't tell you how excited that makes this girl. Coming from a dry church, it's like jumping into the pool for that first swim, when the water is barely warm enough to stand. It is surprisingly refreshing to say the least. Their eagerness is contagious. I'm dying to get started, but the process is sometimes slow. We're the newbies. With that, comes an adjustment period. I'm not sure how long it will take to feel like we have fully integrated into this particular congregation, but we're blessed in that they have made it very easy for us so far. Their arms have been wide open to us since we first visited. I'll admit it feels good to be loved and cared for.

I'm learning that the recent posts, where I wrote about following Jesus and laying down our lives, were lessons God was teaching me in preparation for this season. Nothing about me being here is "normal" per se. This town is a tiny little town, beautiful, but tiny. There are no jobs in the town itself, though there are several surrounding towns with a few opportunities. Single, Twenty-somethings, my stage of life, are nonexistent. The biggest town is about thirty-forty minutes away, not bad really. Anywho, there is little reason why I would come here, as wonderful as everyone has been. And yet, here I am. I've prayed for direction for months, clinging to the truth that God has His plans for my life. This little, Georgia town is part of that plan. It makes no reasonable sense, but I'm so content, even excited for how God is going to work here.

The life of faith never looks like we plan. At least this walk of faith has never looked like I've planned. In fact, I've been known to tell friends that God has never ever called my family to normal. My abnormal life has been full, not always gravy, but full. I'm not content to live a risk free life of mediocre "faith". Nope. I want my life to be marked by the hand of God. That will look different for you than for me, but when our eyes are on Jesus, all we have to do is follow Him.

It's a wild ride, friends!!


Rebecca said...

Newness can be so exciting...little surprises around every corner! I am excited for you and can't wait to see what doors God opens in this new place for you!

Amy said...

Hey. It sounds like the town of Mt Vernon but good things can happen in small towns. God has a plan more than we realize and it's exciting to see what He reveals. 'His ways and thoughts are higher than ours'.

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Becca! I totally agree- I think that is why I'm so stinkin' excited. :)

It's even smaller than mt. vernon! Can you believe that. It's more the size of Ailey (maybe a tad bit bigger). Eek right? God's plans are so big. I can't wait.