Monday, December 17, 2012

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

I'm hoping...

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It's been a while, Ladies and Gents. Are you even still here? I wouldn't blame you, if you haven't stuck around. But if you are reading this, then you're still here. So, I'm not really sure who I'm talking to right now. Confused yet?

Guys, so much has gone on around here this year. In fact, I'm shocked that it's only been this year that so many changes have happened. Weird how that goes, huh? I'm sure a lot has gone on in your neck of the woods as well. It's life- this steady moving. Sometimes I want to pause mid ride and ask for a potty break. Like those trips with kids that involve way to many potty breaks than are necessary. Yep. That would be nice.

Alas, time keeps ticking, and this new adventure goes forward with rapid speed.


So, how 'bout an much needed update?

For such a time as this... Isn't that an everyday occurrence? Everyday ordained for Kingdom purposes. I think so. That's where I'm resting. Today begins my two weeks of Christmas break. {Ah the perks of working around the school system. No complaints here.} Rest is crucial. This new job is going to take a lot out of me- physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. I'm ready, but I'm resting. Ordained rest before things get crazy.

I love working with youth, and yet it brings out a web of past and present insecurities. Come January I'll be jumping in full force with these young folks. To keep it real, I'll say it's going to be a stretching of my heart muscle. Prayers appreciated.

The move has proved to be a God-thing. A precious displace of His mercy. A mercy I've given little thought too. I want to "say" publicly how appreciative I am to the Lord for His tender presence, even though I've been faithful to put Him in last place. I'll never understand why He puts up with me.

I can already see how this break will be good for me. There's been a shift in my priorities, and a fading away of that pesky writer's block.

Have you been there too?

Somehow, I think working through the change is better done alone. Ridiculous assumption.

Okay wrapping this up: I'm enjoying the stretch of this new adventure, but only since realizing I can't do it alone.

You guys are the best. Thanks for sticking around.

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