Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm Taking My Stance

I love the story in 2 Chronicles 20 about Jehoshaphat! It is one of my favorites!

Last night I read that story again. It was the first time in a long time. Before I get into this blog, let me set the stage. If you have read any of my blogs over the last few months, you have read of some of my struggles. Well, for the past couple of days God has really been dealing with me about my attitude and lack of effort during the valley. You see, I have gotten so busy doing everything BUT deal with my relationship with God. The Devil in all his craftiness has not helped with the problem either. When I do attempt to deal and pray, I come before God completely defeated and still hanging to my problems not willing to let go...Leaving God with little to do. Most times I would rather push my problems out of my mind and have a pity party rather than deal with them.

BUT GOD in his love is steadfast and patient.

I feel like I go around the same moutian over and over....Because I DO!!

One day I will learn! Until that day (when I reach the pearly gates) I will lean on Him to keep molding me.


Jehoshaphat finds himself up against a huge Army and they're out to get him (and I thought I had problems). So what does he do? He begins to seek God. In verse 12b he says, "We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you". (There's that positive attitude God has been telling me about) Then God's spirit came upon a man named Jahaziel and he chimes in, "This is what the Lord says, 'Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. FOR THE BATTLE IS NOT YOURS, BUT GOD'S."(v. 15).

Now, by this point I'm getting pretty excited!! But it just keeps getting better!

Verse 17..."You will not have to fight this battle (WHAT?). Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will give you." The best teaching I ever heard on this came from Joyce Meyer. Her application of this verse is: when we find ourselves up against our enemies, we too should not fear, but take our positons. These positions being our positions of prayer. All we can do is come humbly before God and commit the battle to Him. "The Battle is not ours"(v.15).

Now to the Ending!!.....They head out to win the battle worshiping the whole way...Well when they get there. THEIR ENEMIES HAVE ALREADY DEFEATED EACH OTHER! THEY WERE ALL LAYING THERE DEAD!! So tell me How big is our God???

He can and will do the same things in our lives. We just need to take our stance and know that "the battle is not ours"! The End!

So let's take our stance and seek God trusting that He will take care of us! He will!

In His Love



elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Thank you for visiting the blog. You are at such a tender place in your life right now...finding your balance in a great big world with a great big God. Been there. Still there some days. With a son about your age, and with memories still so fresh in my mind about that season in my own life, I know the battle, friend.

And here's what I would say to you...

The fact that you are struggling is a good sign. It means you're willing to get your hands dirty with the likes of life and dig through until you find God. The fact that you are talking to Him is also a wonderful witness. Keep talking...all the days of your life. Keep to his Word and to your prayers and to your fellowship with other believers. Isaiah 55:10-11 is a favorite of mine. Even when I'm not "feeling" the effects of life with Jesus, I know that time with him and his Word never returns void.

It accomplishes. Its purposeful. Its practical, and its life giving. It will carry you for always.

Love your heart and your willingness to talk it out.

Come over anytime you want!


Cheryl said...

I love that story too!
God used that same story to help Steven and I when we were going through the custody stuff with the kids dad.

I just kept repeating, "Lord we don't know what to do but our eyes are on you!"

Steven preached the best message I've ever heard him preach on that text!

Angela said...

I am so glad that God is revealing the awesomeness of his power to you. It gives us peace to know what a mighty God we serve! Glad you are still blogging!

Edie said...

I love this post Jennifer! I love the excitement I hear in you when you hear God speaking to you. And this is an encouragement to me as well. He is Faithful all the time!