Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm Back!

Wow, I didn't realize how long it has been since I have blogged or that I left you guys in suspence. haha..I'm alive- it wasn't a parasite, but a viral infection. This viral infection put me out of classes for two weeks. To add to my list of excuses for not being on here: once my sickness was over, I had to begin testing and preparing for finals. Really those are not very good excuses considering I still had time. But life has been quite busy!

Now, school is out! Praise the Lord!

I'm enjoying the summer. I have an internship at Crossroads Pregnancy Center, which I LOVE! Opportunities to spend time with the girls are not really available for me because I have not had the adequate training. The training takes place in the fall and winter (there is talk of a summer session...). However, I still feel very much a part of the center and everything they do.

I have the lovely job of ironing baby and maternity clothes and keeping everything organized for the "Stork's Nest" and any other thing that needs taken care of. The Stork's Nest is the store which the girls are able to buy things from. These moms-to-be buy stuff in the Stork's Nest using money they earn by completing Bible studies and counseling sessions. My job may not be directly helping the girls...but...when I iron those clothes, I can't help but think about the precious babies who will wear those clothes. Prayer has become an important part of my job too. Sometimes when I am ironing, organizing, or hanging clothes I take the time to send up a special prayer for the babies who will wear those clothes and their moms. To some that might not seem like much....I LOVE IT!!!

Like I said, there is talk of a summer session of training. This would mean that I would get to be involved with the "counseling" aspect of the center. The counseling the center provides is not true counseling-- It is basically a time for the girls to talk to someone who will encourage them, ease their minds, and answer any questions they may have. We have pamphlets and movies on everything from sex-to adoption-abortion. It is also the job of the "counselor" to be a Christian witness to the girls and they are encouraged to share their faith. Now, the girls are fully aware that we do not claim to have counselor status. We encourage them to seek further help.

Along with this internship, I am looking for employment. So, there is a prayer request. I need one that will work around my internship which is right in the middle of the day. God will provide.

I love you guys and have missed y'all!!!

Now that summer is here, I plan to write more.

I will have to take time soon to let you guys know what cool things God has been teaching me lately. I would love feed back from my blogger friends!

In His Love,


Andrew Michael Tucker said...

It's about time you told us what happened! I thought you died... ok maybe not, but still I am glad you made it. This internship sounds awesome and I can totally see you doing that. Your personality and attitude make you a great person for working in women's ministry.

with love,


Stephanie said...

I'm glad you're back to blogging, Jennifer! Your internship sounds so exciting - I'm sure you'll be a big blessing to the center. Keep us updated. Love ya!