Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Stand Amazed

"Exalt the Lord our God! Bow low before His feet, for He is holy!" Psalm 99:5

These our the words I received, in a text message, yesterday only moments after receiving a miracle in my life.

He is Holy!

These past few months have been really hard on my family, especially financially. My dad is a civil engineer. He went without work for five months; and presently, he only gets projects on occasion. Needless to say, times have been hard.
I have been job hunting near Brewton-Parker for a couple of weeks. My situation would dictate that I would be unable to return without a job to make school payments.

God had bigger plans!

Yesterday, I was set to meet with the Dean of Students, Mrs. Sherri Helms, to talk about my financial situation, and to ask for any help that was available. Mrs. Sherri has a lot of authority at BPC. I knew God would make a way. I just had my idea of how He was going to do it. *He would use Mrs. Sherri to find me scholarships; and then He would open up doors for a job so I would be able to make my school payments.* I think so small....

I never made it to my meeting with Mrs. Sherri.

Before I was schedule to talk to Mrs. Sherri, I had to drop of paperwork at Financial Aid and visit the Business Office to discuss payment plans. *You know, I had to what exactly my situation looked like to talk to Mrs. Sherri.*

...I bow low before His feet...Psalm 99:5

In the Business Office, Mrs Paula turns to me and says, "Hun, all you owe for Fall is $46.00." I just KNEW there had to be a mistake. I still had summer payments of $665.00 that I was unable to make. Let me tell you, the grants and scholarships that I was awarded this year completely COVERED my SUMMER and FALL payments with only $46.00 left on my bill. WOAH!

God didn't stop there...

I came to realize later that, with all that I was awarded per semester, I owe ZERO dollars for SPRING semester. Actually, I have over six hundred dollars extra on my bill- meaning I will have to take out less loans next semester. *I will still take out loans this semester, but no more than usual.*


To think, early this week I was doubting that I was ever called to BPC. I thought I had accumulated to much dept. These thoughts polluted my brain, even after I have prayed every semester for God's guidance in deciding to leave or stay.

I Stand Amazed!

P.S. I want to add: God is worthy of such praise as demonstrated above, even without this miracle.

In His Name,



My name is Cait said...

wow that is very cool. God is amazing!

Cheryl said...

I have chills all over my body!!!

God is soooo good!