Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stormy Nights?

Sitting on the front porch last week, God taught me something. It amazes me how He can teach in any circumstance. I'm sad to say, He probably trys to teach me more often than I listen.

On this particular day the wind was blowing in big, beautiful, storm clouds. I was His audience. There was more to see than the storm I was watching. My God had something to teach me.

I'm so selfish sometimes. I was sitting there staring, in amazement at the mere beauty of the storm, thinking: "God, I know there are many intuitive people who could look at this storm and could see an analogy that would pinpoint exactly how you work. God, I want you to use me that way too".

Well, God did not have to give me an analogy, but He chose to. And I am very grateful.

Trust me, I understand much of what God showed me that day is nothing new and it is nothing that hasn't been said before. But God opened for me a new understanding of the storms of life.

Have you ever thought about a storm? Really? Have you ever thought about why Jesus used a storm analogy in the Bible?

Okay, think about a storm.

When a storm is blowing in, the sky gets darker, the sun is hidden behind clouds, and suddenly everything is dark. Parallel that to a storm of your life. It looks the same doesn't? Satan sends in those dark clouds. Suddenly, you can't see the SON anymore. Then your world turns dark. The wind is scary and intense, yet somehow, comforting.

Take comfort in this: the Son can always be found behind the clouds. The sun/Son doesn't burnout when a storm comes. It/He is only hidden; He/It is still there. Mark 4:35-41

Now, think about what is gained in a literal storm. With rain, comes growth. The trees, flowers, and other plants now have water to drink. The water provides strength and growth...hmmm I believe we have water that quenches thirst eternally.

It is important to realize storms can be intense. Sometimes they leave us bruised and broken. With brokeness comes restoration. The houses have to be rebuilt. That includes the Holy Spirit's houses- YOU and ME.

He makes all things new. Just hang in there. The Son is just behind the clouds. You will taste that living water. You might be broken, but with brokeness, comes restoration.

In His Name,



Angela said...

Well written, Jennifer! I never thought of it that way before!

Stephanie said...

Jen, I love these thoughts. :)

I can be so slow to see, to listen - I often pray, "help me to learn spiritual lessons from the small occurences of life, Lord, show me examples of your truth..."

it seems He certainly did that for you during your storm watch!

p.s if you are ever in Ontario during the summer, come watch a storm with me. :D