Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Season of Trust

I have never had to trust my Father as much as I have had to this year.

I cry tears of sadness, but quiet trust.

Never have I experienced anything like that sort of contentment.

He is teaching me so much that I can't be sad.

All I can do is trust.

I can't worry.

It does me no good.

ALL I can do is trust- literally.

I have never *really* been in this place. Although, I was sure I had.

He is calling me deeper than He ever has.

And it's okay because I'm learning that He is all I need.

I have never understood the concept of needing only Him like I do now.

Keep me and my family in your prayers.

I am so thankful for where I am.

I am truly blessed- I say this out of my heart not out of habit.

In His Name,


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