Monday, October 12, 2009

Can I Share My 22nd Birthday with You?

On September 15th, I moved one step closer to thirty! ;)

Getting ready to hit that open road and my crowing moment. <3>

Oh yeah! I'm excited!!
Me and Elizabeth chilling in the back seat on our way to Vallartas *It's where we always go*

Look what I got: A picture frame with pictures of us from different semesters.

One of my Dearest- Courtney Parker- and I

We have been friends since Freshmen Year and have all lived with each other at various points in our time here.

Funny moment: the string of the hat flew up and popped me in the lip. :))) They thought it was funny too.
The END!
I'm now 22!
In His Love,


My name is Cait said...

Happy Birthday! Chill out, dive in and frolic much. God bless.

Angela said...

You have a long way to go til thirty!! Some people will be thirty in less than 6 months and are wondering how much money it would take to move to Mexico and pretend to be 22. Happy Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a blast!

Courtney said...

Yay! Oh, how I love you absolutely love that we were able to share such wonderful times together. I raise my glass to celebrating life that's covered, scattered, and smothered in the infinite grace of God!