Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hello Saturday Morning

I'm thankful that every day comes with opportunities to grow, to learn, and to be molded. Without Jesus, my life would be a broken mess with no opportunity for real healing. With Him, my life is full of holes that have been patched and a few pieces of me that are still beautifully broken.

The past week has been an interesting one spiritually. God is doing something in my heart, but I'm not quite sure what. Sometimes it is easy to understand what God is teaching you, while other time it seems you can only catch tiny glimpses of His work. I find myself in the latter stage. It's like I'm on the Horizon of something wonderful--waiting with anticipation, yet unsure of what I am anticipating.

I may be unaware of what is happening, but I'm okay with where I am. It's exciting and mysterious.

So I wait>> I find myself waiting a lot. :)

More of Him is worth every minute of waiting.

In His Name,



Bonnie Gray said...

Hey Jennifer! I'm so excited to share this view of the horizon with you, each in our own feelings of anticipation. Wonderful to meet at Faith Barista and share the journey.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I have stood on that horizon a thousand times before, sister, so I know exactly where you're coming from...

a place of anticipation with God!

Indeed, he is up to something in your life, as he is with all of us who allow him room enough to grow in our hearts the dreams he longs for us to hold.

Dream big, friend. Dream the kingdom!