Wednesday, January 27, 2010

There Has to Be So Much More

Okay, I know this picture is pretty crazy hilarious. :) But is there something deeper behind why we feel the need to past our faces on skinny, beautiful bodies next to gorgeous men?

This question has kinda been poking at my heart for last 24hrs.

On facebook you will find lots of these pictures; and as a participant, I must say it was so much fun. You pick the Hunk you want to see yourself with and TA DA! I have to admit I am a girl who has always been crazy about beautiful men. *Guilty as charged* So you can imagine my giddiness. :)

However, when I step back, I have to wonder...WHY? What does it do for me as a single female to paste my face on a picture of a woman with Gerard Butler to my right? Am I opening doors of lust? Is this "fun" moment causing me to question my value as a single, less than perfect woman?

I am definitely not saying there is anything wrong with going to and making your "dreams" come true for a moment. It was fun and I would do it again. What I am saying is...Let's check our motives, Keep a healthy perspective, and Remember that only God can truly satisfy.

At least those are the things that are on this single girl's heart.

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